Hue Traditional Craft Festival 2019

Hue Traditional Craft Festival 2019 where traditional crafts revive and develop

Throughout Hue traditional craft festival seasons, artisans and craftmen have chance to show their talents, design new products to introduce to far and near visitors. At present, there are over 300 artisans, 63 manufacture units and craft villages register for the 8th Hue Traditional Craft Festival 2019.

The opportunity for traditional craft villages

Having attended Hue traditional Craft Festival since 2013, artisan Than Van Huy – Thanh Tien paper flower village observe the revival and development of traditional craft villages in province. Through Festival seasons, Thanh Tien paper flower appeared in many countries such as America, Japan, South Korea, etc. In July 2018, Mr. Than Van Huy was honorably invited to a traditional craft display event held in Xiang Hai city (China). After festival seasons, he had a chance to sign economic contracts.

Although Zeng textle (A Luoi district) has already been conserved, it was not until Hue Traditional Craft Festival 2015 that it was widely introduced to far and near tourists. 2 years later, Zeng textle was honorably recognized as national tangible cultural heritage. At present, Zeng textile is well-known in domestic and international market upon being introduced in Japan and France by designer Minh Hanh.

ue Traditional Craft Festival brought Bao La Bamboo Knitting Cooperative opportunities to sign contracts and introduce its products to large domestic markets such as Hanoi city, Ho Chi Minh city, Quang Nam province and foreign markets (China and Japan). Bao La Bamboo Knitting Cooperative, Mr. Vo Van Dinh kindly informed that the cooperative gathered hundreds of worker to create products on Festival seasons.  During festival season, thousands of product are sold.
In addition to organizing stage and advertising trademark, Hue Traditional Craft Festival is an opportunity for artisans to create unique products. Many tourism products were created in festival seasons. Of all, Tinh Tam Kim Co museum and Nguyen Dynasty porcelain museum are two cultural-tourism products attract lots of visitors.
Traditional Craft Festival seasons not only help maintain, conserve, develop traditional crafts, honor artisans, but also introduce Hue traditional craft products to international friends. After the 3rd Hue Traditional Craft Festival, A Luoi Zeng textile products were introduced in fashion stages in Japan. Hue kite appears in kite Festival held in France. Recently, 3 crafts including wood casting, enamel and ao dai restoration have appeared in the exhibition organized in Cheongju city (South Korea).

Before zero hour
Three months before Hue Traditional Craft Festival takes place, craft village in province are busy with producing goods, renewing designs to meet customer’s demand as well as create a diverse festival season.
At present, over 100 collective members and artisans of Bao La bamboo knitting collective (Quang Phu commune, Quang Dien district) are busy with designing, collecting materials and producing products for foreign partners (China, Taiwan) and domestic partners. In preparation for Hue Traditional Craft Festival 2019, the collective is collecting materials, gathering human resources and renewing its products. Of all, 100 new designs were created. Thanks to laser cutting machine invested in late 2018, Hue scenery and Vietnamese famous places of interest beautifully appear in bamboo knitting products made in Bao La bamboo knitting collective.

Busy working atmosphere at Thai Hung Limited Liability Enamel Company (Chi Lang street, Hue city) in early 2019. After attending 7 festival seasons, the company signed contracts and had a chance to advertise its products. Director of Thai Hung Limited Liability Company Do Huu Thiet kindly informed that the company was investing in advanced equipment to create new products such as Buddha pendant necklace, wall light, decorative paintings, etc to get ready for Hue traditional craft festivals. At present, the enterprise gathers 10 excellent workers to research and carry out mass production.
In 2019, artisan Tran Duy Mong researched and created new products such as Thien Mu pagoda carved plate, Hue Citadel carved plate, Fu character pendant necklace, etc. Preparing for upcoming craft festival season, the People’s Committee of Hue city is organizing Hue logo and package design for sesame candy and Thanh tra pomelo contest. The event aims to find creative, unique, brand new products from Hue logo as well as enhance the quality and form of local specialties. At present, the organizers received nearly 50 products designed by far and near artisans and organizations. Leader of Hue city hoped that new gift collection and souvenirs will be created after contest. Also, Hue city leader looks for packages suitable for Hue typical products i.e. Thanh tra pomelo and sesame candy. These products will appear in Hue Traditional Craft Village 2019, contributing to diversifying craft industry in Hue city in general and Thua Thien Hue province in particular.
The revival and development of Hue traditional craft village after Hue traditional craft festival is what the Organizing Committee is looking for. Many traditional craft introduced, advertise and “fly” after Traditional craft festival seasons.

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